I Don't Want Shark Teeth, Can I Get No-Prep Veneers?

If you watch TikTok or Instagram Reels, you may have seen some users posting about the “shark teeth” they get before they have porcelain veneers placed on their teeth. In the videos, these people have their teeth filed down to nubs with big gaps between each tooth, which leads to a pretty unsettling appearance. These large gaps are where the term “shark teeth” comes from.

Is this really normal? Can you get veneers without getting “shark teeth?” Yes, you can! No-prep veneers from Smile Culture Dental allow you to get veneers and avoid the removal of significant enamel, preserving most of your natural tooth structure. And the videos you've seen of influencers and social media users with “shark teeth” are actually quite misleading. Let’s get into the details!

People With “Shark Teeth” Are Getting Dental Crowns, Not Veneers

First, let’s start by debunking the “shark teeth” videos that you may have seen on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media websites. Many people who have their teeth shaved down are claiming that this was necessary to have their veneers placed and to enhance their smile.

But this is false! In fact, most of the people who have posted these videos are getting dental crowns, not porcelain veneers. And there’s a big difference. Dental crowns are very strong and thick, and are meant to cover up and replace the entire surface of your tooth. They are made of porcelain, and built to look just like natural teeth.

However, dental crowns are not usually used for cosmetic dentistry, and are typically used to repair damaged teeth. For example, if you crack a tooth or have a really big cavity, a dentist may recommend a dental crown to cover up and protect that tooth.

As you may expect, this treatment requires the removal of a lot of your natural enamel. This must be done so that the crown fits properly over your tooth. But it’s very rare for someone to require a full set of crowns to cover up their teeth and restore their smile. You would only need this if you had serious oral health issues. If your mouth was healthy, any experienced cosmetic dentist would recommend veneers instead.

Veneers Do Not Require Significant Enamel Removal – You Will Not Have “Shark Teeth”

If you work with experienced cosmetic dentists like Dr. Ina Nokaj and the team at Smile Culture Dental, you will not have to worry about “shark teeth” if you get porcelain veneers. We are dedicated to conservative dentistry, and will never remove more enamel than is necessary to restore your smile.

Now, it is true that traditional porcelain veneers do require some enamel removal during the preparation process. Veneers are usually about 0.5mm thick. This means that about 0.5mm of enamel may be removed from each tooth to prepare for veneers, and make sure that they fit over your teeth properly.

After this treatment, your teeth will not look like “nubs” or “shark teeth.” They will still look very natural, and your dentist will provide you with a temporary set of veneers to cover them up until your permanent veneers are placed.

Once your permanent porcelain veneers are in place, your smile will look and feel perfectly natural, and your teeth will be strong and healthy. And while veneers are not reversible, you can expect your new smile to last 10-20 years, and your veneers can be easily replaced as they wear out, which keeps your smile healthy.

You Can Get “No-Prep” Veneers If You Want To Avoid Enamel Removal

Hopefully by now, you understand that no type of veneers provided by a dentist will involve you getting “shark teeth” or having your teeth shaved down to nubs. That’s simply not how it works, and traditional veneers do not involve much enamel removal.

However, if you want to completely avoid having your natural teeth trimmed, we understand! The idea of altering your teeth for a cosmetic dentistry procedure can be a bit intimidating, and we know that many people want to preserve the natural structure of their teeth and avoid removing any natural enamel.

This is where “no-prep” veneers come in. As the name suggests, these are very thin, specialized veneers that can be placed with no enamel removal, or just the removal of a very small amount of enamel in some cases. Lumineers are the most widely known type of no-prep veneer.

The big difference between no-prep veneers and traditional veneers is the thickness of the veneer itself. As mentioned earlier in this blog post, traditional veneers may be 0.5mm thick or even thicker, in some cases. In contrast, no-prep veneers are made of very strong, advanced porcelain materials that can be as thin as 0.2mm. 

In many cases, this material is thin enough that it can be applied directly to your teeth to restore your smile without requiring the removal of any enamel at all. Not only does this mean that your teeth won’t need to be trimmed, it also means that you can have your veneers removed in the future if you change your mind. This is extremely rare, of course, but it’s still something to keep in mind.

Do I Qualify For No-Prep Veneers?

If you want to enhance your smile with veneers but you’re uncomfortable with the idea of enamel removal, no-prep veneers may be a good option for you. However, not everyone qualifies for no-prep veneers.

For example, you may be a good candidate if you have some gaps in your front teeth and need to add some size to your smile and fill up these gaps. But if you have more complex issues like crooked teeth and uneven teeth, you may be better off with traditional veneers. 

Also, since no-prep veneers are thinner, they may be less durable for some patients. For example, if you grind your teeth, your dentist at Smile Culture Dental may recommend traditional veneers, since they are thicker and hold up better to the pressure of teeth grinding. It all depends on your unique needs, so we recommend scheduling a consultation at Smile Culture Dental if you’d like more information.

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